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I spent countless hours in search of you. I lost sleep making me befuddled I even cried. I wasn’t going to just let anyone share my bed. Then our paths traversed.

Nightly you warm my bed during these subzero temperatures. Having you around keeps me tepid as a tea that is ready to be sipped. Having you wrapped around my shivering body ahhhhh. I get angst at having to depart from you come the break of dawn.

You are dependable. Every night you spend with me, you never falter. Your touch is gentle. The way you caress every inch of me elates me immensely. Others before you tried but they were cheap imitations. There is and will always be only one you. You are real and you are mine.

I especially love it when you press yourself against my face. I don’t care that parts of you feel fuzzy. You smell amazing too. You have been in my bed many nights and I will never tire of you. You may be older but I will never replace you for I’ve grown very attached to you. I know that come summer you have to go away  but I know I will see you again come winter.

Thank you sincerely for being my warm durable comforter.

Guady G.

Waiting for you.

What was it about you that set my nerve endings ablaze with only a glimpse of you? What was it about you that catapulted me to another dimension every time you whispered my name?

Was it the way you walked across the room to speak to me when it could have been anyone else?  Was it the way you laughed at all my corny jokes with your eyes fully widened?  My pupils dilated as well with every consonant and every vowel you used to form a word.   A, E, I, O, U and with you it was always Y.

Why did I find it so easy to fall in love with you?  Why did you just get me like no other could?  I never had to explain myself because you could feel my pain and my joy.  You liked me and I could feel it in the confines of my being!  It was as if you and I were lovers in a past life somehow!

Why did my heart exalt with jubilee when you laid your arm  gently over my naked shoulder?  Every touch led to every kiss that answered the only question I often asked myself.  Could I love again? Did I want to?

Feeling your warmth awakened in my soul the forgotten memory of us already knowing one another. I had just met you but my soul had never forgotten you.  It was you I had been waiting for!  Perhaps other loves had failed because I had to be single to meet you.  I’m so happy!   We did it.  We finally found our way back home to one another!

But where are you right now? What is your name? Have I already met you? It’s only a dream right now but I know you are out there. I can just feel it! Please don’t wait!  Come close and whisper in my ear!  Let me feel your warmth and your touch for you know how to awaken my soul’s memories!  Come! I am waiting for you!

Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn.

Because of Claus

Happy Holidays everyone. Last Friday I must have received over 300 hugs for I was Ms. Santa Claus for the children’s holiday party at my job.  I had never done that before and figured I would give it a try.  I must tell you that it was not that easy.

At first it was exciting to see the young smiling faces and the appreciative parents but after a while my head hurt. The wig was so tight I felt my brain would ooze out of my eye sockets. The glasses indented the bridge of my nose and the sides of my head. Yes ouch!! My face hurt from all the smiling.  There were so so many photos!  This all occurred after 30 mins and I had volunteered for the entire 4 hr shift. What was I thinking? Now I understand why when I mentioned it to coworkers they all said good luck.
After an hour my mouth was parched. Thank goodness someone had placed a water bottle below my well decorated chair.  I chugged it like a lost soul on a desert.  I then decided to look beside me and was surprised by what I saw.

Santa dear old Saint Nick was a coworker of mine named Jesse. He is in his 60s and just had major back surgery less than a year ago.  If I wanted to plop on the floor he surely must have also but I was so wrong.

Now it was nearly three hours later and he bellowed out his laughter with the same energy and passion he had when he first had started. “Ho ho ho Merry Christmas. What grade are you in? “ He had this twinkle in his eyes and his cheeks were rosy red. I had only a wig on but he had the hair wig, the fake beard that wrapped around his head plus the hat.

I asked him if he was tired. Did he need a break? Did he want water? Was he uncomfortable in his outfit?  His answer was no I’m okay.  I was floored and then learned he played Santa every year. Would you have done it? Would you work a full day  as manager of facilities and then sit for 4 hours without a break and barely drink water?

That’s exactly what he did. How did he do it?  He told me he loved being Santa because it brought him joy to see the smiles on the children’s faces.  I then decided to see the world through Jesse’s eyes and something  inside me clicked.

All of a sudden I had a burst of energy. Nothing hurt anymore or perhaps I was just numb from the tight wig but I was happy.  Every time I looked at Jesse I was overwhelmed with love and appreciation for his personality, his compassion, his patience and his great love for Christmas.
Jesse is my hero and I admire him today and feel blessed to have witnessed it so close-hand. Superheroes in the movies get dressed up and save the day.  Jesse put a costume on that day and saved so many.  There were parents that could not afford to purchase their children a gift, there were adults including the NYPD that had glimpses into the joy that they had lost.  I’m referring to the joy you have when you are young and believe in Santa Claus.

He saved me that day too because as Ms. Santa Claus I could also make a difference in someone’s life.  I was reminded that if the driving force in what we do is love then nothing else matters.  Love makes pain and fatigue dissipate. I see now how Jesse sat 4 hours without a break and barely drinking water —-it was love. His Merry Christmas at the beginning and at the end were said with the same joy because of love.

Thank you Jesse for being wonderful. You are truly a super hero. I was Ms. Santa Claus that day and I feel proud to have volunteered beside you.  I look forwards to volunteering next year again.

With much love
Guady G.
Hugs from Brooklyn