In Your Arms

Today was such a trying day.

I wish I had your strong arms to fall into at the end of it all

In your arms I was safe
In your arms I was loved

In your arms I always wanted to stay

But sadly you went away

With Love
Guady G


If only I could tell you what I’ve been through. It’s been difficult not sharing all that makes me happy with you. Sometimes late at night when I turn to my side I’m shaken with fright. You used to be there to keep me safe. You were my home and now I just wander. I just roam!

Love Guady G

You! You! You!

My soul is not getting dusty on a shelf.
If it were I’d be doing an injustice to myself

It has always been you.
Come on get a clue!

I want you!
Kiss my lips!

I want you!
Come press yourself against my hips!

It is you who inspires this feeling.
It is strong but I am dealing.

I’m burning with unbridled passion.
My love for you shall never be rationed.

I want to shout as loud as can be.

I like you! I like you!

And I don’t care if you think I’m crazy

Love always- Guady G

Does a yellowed torn paper have any value?


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I am a paper yellowed and torn.
You want to discard me and for this I mourn.

My appearance now seems so worthless.
No longer white I serve you no purpose.

Perhaps my expiration is long overdue
You’re a big dummy and you have no clue
Of my worth and all that I can do.

There’s a few things I must admit to you.

Your pen is quite leaky.
The words it writes quite sneaky.

You too are outdated.
You are the one that is jaded.

I maybe yellowed and torn but now I’m stronger.
Get your pen out of my face, I don’t need it any longer!

I ask myself  why do people rather read stories of pain and agony instead of love.  Why is it that books of tortured love are more popular than books about just loving without the pain?  Do we need to feel pain to feel the pleasure of love? Why? I don’t get it. Can someone shed some light?  Isn’t to be loved  our given right? We were babies and everyone just loved us for existing. Why as we age it has to come with proof and follow-up questions? Why do you love me? Isn’t too soon to say you love me?  All I know that this world is becoming more cynical, more cold and more detached.  It scares me. Does it scare you?

Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn








No ink?

I am a paper that has seen its share of stories being written.  Some ended shortly, some ended happy, and some sadly.  But the worst kind of story ever written is the one that never was written.  As a paper I wonder if the pen perhaps had no more ink left to write.

I am a paper white as can be. Is your pen able to write on me?

Namaste my pretty people. Thank you so much for reading my blog. I once was asked why I write. I write because I love writing and because it connects me with beautiful people in this world. We all have voices that need to be heard. We all have messages for this world that seems to be falling apart day by day. Our writing can help motivate, and cultivate a brighter tomorrow. Keep writing.

Hugs from Brooklyn
Love always
Guady G.