About ME

Hello thank you for stopping by. I very much appreciate you.

I am 53 yrs fabulous and mother to a budding 24 year old actress. I am a physician with a passion for writing that was sparked when I was 8 yrs old and my 2nd grade teacher gave the assignment to write a poem.

My blogs are about various topics but all connected with the thread of love. Love for the arts, self-love, love for life, love of nature, love of the flesh and love that goes beyond this realm. Why? Because of love.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog posts just as much as I enjoy writing them. I have included the posts to a book I plan to write and my morning thoughts. Once again thank you.

Have a blessed day. I send you hugs from Brooklyn. If you love my writing feel free to like, follow and share.

With Love
Guady G