Morning Thoughts. What are yours?

Into the night I cast a heartfelt kiss that may awaken those who walk in a slumber.

Into the day I send good vibes for to those that sleep with awakened thoughts.

My wish to you today is for a beautiful day.

Guady G

Dear Twisted Thoughts.
Thank you for the inspiration.

On your mark, get ready, set and Go!

Run run run chase chase chase
Do you want to win the race?

I’m a gem! Yes I’m a prize!
And my love does hypnotize!

Catch catch catch kiss kiss kiss
Come show me, what I do miss!

Don’t hesistate
Lost time is waste

Ready one, two, three, four
Come on what are you waiting for?

With all my love
Guady G

Pen, pen, pen, Oh, pen!

Dear beloved Pen

I am a paper yellowed and forgotten, for on me you have chosen to write nothin.

How I miss your point gliding upon me so! Now you keep away. Oh so much woe!

Remember when we met. Yes! Yes!

You were leaky, abandoned and forgotten. I liked you and invited you to write on me somethin.

I didn’t care about your barrel size or your clicker being old. I still let you write on me the stories you never had told.

Why did you stop letting your ink just flow? Come back! I miss you so!

Guady G

Have a beautiful day! May your pens not get leaky. May the holder not be sneaky. We are beautiful paper to be handled with love and care. May fools not come on us and cause tears.

To write or not to, right? Now that is the question!

I’m taking a break thus I haven’t written

Would love to say I’m by a lake and that I’m smitten

But simply I’m not enthused plus I’ve lost my muse.

Gather gather thoughts I tell myself

I don’t need him. My mind is full of ideas and full of wealth.

Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn

We are intelligent. We are powerful! Even if we lose our muses we can still be creative. We are writers and we are bloggers! No more bump on the loggers! Sit up straight and close your eyes. Breathe and let the ideas flow. They will come even if slow!! Namaste and thank you for reading.

Because you matter. That’s why!

As night falls, I desperately search for your missed calls.
As dawn rises I realize your absence is not a crises.

The person I need to be loving has never left my side.
I am that person and there’s no reason to hide.

So run run run and let me be!
I don’t need you to be happy!

Hugs from Brooklyn
Guady G

What do you write when you don’t have a clue?

What should I do? I’m feeling blocked!
I want to write but my thoughts are locked
Now I fear I will be mocked

I’m supposed to be a writer
Come on brain I know I’m brighter
So readers please hold on tighter
Soon enough I’ll have a line
Then everything shall be fine

Thank you for reading. It means a lot. What keeps you writing? I’m just curious.

Guady G