What wakes you at 3 in the morn?

Dear H.G. Wells

I regret to inform you that the above was a bit, well, wrong. I admit I have never read it. I must inform you that the political weather we are currently withstanding is actually quite in opposition to your foreseen, me thinks. The major current isn’t bringing us to unison but taking us more towards the Bermuda Triangle. Our hopes and dreams vanishing while severing ties to our next of kin. The Northern star of our forefathers has moved further from our grasp. What is left to accompany us is mere chaos and despair! Isn’t it time to stop and pray?  I know it is the answer to this inevitable Medusa we are facing or shall I state the ramifications of the Pandora’s Box we are encased in?

My dear H.G. Wells perhaps your last book was a prayer. Siri, Alexa and the likes of C-3PO and R2-D2 shall be the rescue?  What about our children? Whitney Houston coined it well.

George Lucas is a visionary in my opinion as are you my dear H.G. Wells.  Shall I call you Herbert?  I pose a question now.  Darth Vader is a good man in the end, right?  I have yet to watch those movies as well. My apologies to Mr. Lucas.

Now I see.

Things I leave you to ponder about? Any coincidence both are named George?  Why was I awakened at 3 am to document this?  Is it that Herbert George Wells was a diabetic and I a doctor?  Why does his last book enter my mind and I’ve never read it?  Questions and more questions? But stop and do think. This is our future and our legacy. What will become of it?

I’ll leave you now with the epitaph that H.G. Wells stated he liked for himself — I told you so, you damned fools.  My thanks to Mr. H.G. Wells and to Mr. George Lucas.

Guady G. with thoughts on history.

Crazy writing at 3 am? Perhaps. I dig deeper into my own written word. Will you? Comment below.  I want to know!

I will wait for you!

red rose flower
Photo by Cindy Gustafson on Pexels.com

Every minute that passes grows to an eternity, when you are without me!!
But I shall wait.
For as constant as the sun I shall be, this passion burning ardently.

I shall wait the entire long night for the timing to be just right and I shall come before you once more. It is you I sincerely adore!

HAPPY Valentine’s Day


Wanting to love you!!

stack of love wooden blocks
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

Yesterday was such a hectic day and things were just in disarray. Then I thought of you and poof it all went away. I started to feel good and thoughts of you changed my mood. I imagined you with all your splendor speaking gently to me with so much candor. Were it possible to place your essence in a bottle, I would. Trust me, I wish I could!

I would carry it with me day and night. I would keep it safe. I would hold it tight. I would never leave it behind for it would be one of a kind. I wouldn’t lend it or sell it on a cart.

I would keep close, close to my heart!

Today is Valentine’s Day and a day to celebrate love for others and for yourself. If no one is getting you candy or flowers then buy them for yourself. If you don’t have money then draw them for yourself. You are worth it. You are loved! You are beautiful!! Namaste.

Hugs from Brooklyn
Guady G.

Pen is my vehicle

person uses pen on book
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Pencil pencil pencil pen pen pen
All on my desk in my cold dark den
Pencil pen pencil pen pencil pen
What to write with with?
What to write to cover this white?
Which one will win this fight?

Paper paper paper
Shaper scraper and caper
Shall I utilize this pencil with its lead so gentle? Or the pen?
The Pen is better. It’s ink wetter.
Smoothly gliding down my paper reminiscing its last caper.
Shall I proceed divulging or gulp it down?
Must document it or else I’ll drown!

Click click click
Barrel cap nip pen tip
I prefer the pen.
The pen is long and its ink strong.
Now this page won’t be white for long!

If ever one has been blocked from writing whether it be for school or work it is best just  let go. Surrender yourself to tranquility.  One just never knows what may come from it. Just sit, breathe and go. Don’t think about the topic, just write, just flow and within it your topic shall me.

Hugs from Brooklyn
Guady G


My Song Bird

photography of small blue and brown bird
Photo by Tina Nord on Pexels.com

As I sat by my window I heard bird chirping coming from outside.   I looked out the window and saw a bird fly by.  I extended my right hand and the bird flew to me. It then sang the most beautiful of songs.

I wondered why the beautiful bird sang alone. As I held the small bird in my hands I noticed it was wounded. Poor little bird was bleeding on the area below its right wing. My heart raced and I became sad. For some reason I really cared for the bird.

The bird then took flight but faithfully returned everyday and sang its melody to me. I can’t begin to tell you the elation I felt.  I was invisible in the world and it all changed the moment the bird came to me.  I was no longer invisible!  I was special! I was loved!

But one day the bird didn’t come. I missed it so much. Where did it go? What had I done wrong? As I wondered, a thought came to mind. His wound had healed and now it did sing among the other birds. I extended my arm out the window praying it would come to me like before but the bird just flew right by. I felt pain in my chest, and put my head down and I cried.

photo of a person leaning on wooden window
Photo by Dương Nhân on Pexels.com

Three days later I heard chirping coming from outside. I ran to the window and saw that my beautiful bird chirped the loudest among the others. The melody was directed towards me and I was ecstatic.  With utmost excitement I extended my right hand but once again the bird didn’t fly to me.  I was sad but I smiled because at that moment I realized how much he loved me too.

Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn

This entry is placed in dedication to Anaya Ruiz age 11 for requesting something she could read.  This story is about love and purity. Sometimes the love is there but we can’t be with those we love.  Anyone have a story to share? I love to write but I also love to read.

This Thorn, This Splinter

blooming bouquet close up diamonds
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Winter winter
A thorn, a splinter
Can I ever pluck it out?
For this I am in doubt

Compelled to no end
Ramification! Damnification!
No sanctification can ever your heart mend

So I pose the following question. Can you respond without hesitation?
If you were such a gestalt was I truly at fault? Please state it!  I too am jaded.

Oh this thorn! This splinter!
It’s so frigid in our home where it’s winter.


Namaste my wonderful followers and readers. I love each one of you to the max.
Hugs from Brooklyn
Guady G