Dear Avid

I miss reading your freshly written letters becoming words.

Those words that stroked me in places that others couldn’t

You sentenced me like no other.

I miss those exclamations and quotations!

What was it about you that makes me miss you till this day?

Your soft kisses? Maybe

Warm hugs? Perhaps!

The way your words would pleasure my greatest fantasy? Yes oh yes.

Our book has crinkly yellowing pages but I hold it dear. I’ll keep reading and rereading to pacify my desire for my most Avid reader.

I barely write these days for my words are muted without my beloved muse.

Wishing you a great new year. Perhaps your words find themselves into my inbox. If not I can always continue to dream.

With love Guady G

Sending much love to you and all my readers. Hugs from Brooklyn to keep you safe and warm.

End of life

Sad is the day when you realize that many want to welcome you into the world but very few want to hold your hand as you leave it. No one should have to die alone! As a physician I can’t begin to tell you how many hands I have held.

Some patients had no one but many had family that couldn’t be bothered. Why? It breaks my heart that the end of life can be like this for so many.

If anyone has a clue please do tell me. I have a story I will post soon about my patient.

Sending you love from Brooklyn. Guady G

Guess what’s today

It’s my birthday!!

Yay, yay, yay!!!

Yes, yes it’s today

I wish for my loved ones to have on earth a long stay

And to be healthy every day

And for true love to come my way

To dance with joy the night away

And to have a nice job with great pay

And for world evil to be taken away

Yes 54 years old I turn today

I’m glad to be here alive and healthy

It doesn’t matter that I’m not wealthy

What I lack in money I have in love

Thank you God for all your blessings from up above.

Thank you my beloved readers for reading this

Your eyes on my words is just bliss.

With all my love from Brooklyn

Many hugs

Guady G

Mom, mommy, mother

I love you.

A mother isn’t only the person that gives you birth.

Its also the person that loves you with all they are worth.

This is why you are my mother even if I was birthed by another.

Happy Mother’s Day

This is for all those out there who don’t have children of their own but have raised, loved and helped guide someone else’s child whether it is their relative, neighbor, student, foster child etc as if they were their very own. You are a blessing and I honor you today. Thank you.

With all my love Guady G