Dear Hater

Go ahead and walk away! I don’t care for what you have to say. I am beautiful and I am great! I am done with all your hate!

Your cruel words slide to the floor. They no longer hurt me at my core. I’m not a minus. I am a plus!

You stupid mirror I’m walking away. No more self-criticism for today!

How many times do we feel pain caused by own self loathing? Nothing hurts more than not liking who you see in the mirror. It takes a lot of self introspection to get to the point where you are excited about yourself.

Having been a victim of bullying may make it more difficult. Having had parents that constantly criticized and used demeaning words certainly can take a toll on one’s soul as well.

So how do you get to that point? Meditation helps. Motivational videos/books also help. Psychotherapy helps explore your mind with the guidance of a trained individual. There are varying schools of thought so if one doesn’t work out then try another. You are worth it! You matter!

It also takes practice so go ahead and look in the mirror and tell yourself “I love you! You matter!”

With much love I send you good vibes and many hugs from Brooklyn.

Guady G

Feel alone?

You are beautiful despite your faults!
Your heart will heal despite the assaults!
Forgive! Let go!
Love! Just love!
Take my hand and lets walk this land

Guady G

Although it feels you are alone with your pain and that no one cares- you are wrong! There is always someone that cares. Just open your eyes and take notice. Look in the mirror because that person staring back at you loves you so much. The evolved you knows that whatever you are going through shall pass. You are a survivor. You are blessed and you are loved. Sending good vibes and hugs from Brooklyn.

Moving on

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If I say I don’t ever think of you I would be lying for many nights I did spend crying.

Remember when you walked out that door and said you didn’t love me anymore?

Well it’s okay because it allowed me find true love in my darkest hour.  I found someone more beautiful, more kind and smarter.

In your trivial mind I bet you can’t fathom the idea that I have moved on.  But I did and now every minute is splendid.

It took me a long time but I did it somehow.  I no longer live for you!  I live for me now!

In my life a number of men have walked away from the love I offered them. When younger I was always left feeling empty inside. It was as if their love validated me being lovable.  As a child I was bullied at school and was even told that only God would ever love me.  As a teen I was unibrowed and gawky,  my only boyfriend was blind and forget my prom nightmare (more details in a future blog).

In college I was very popular and every cute guy knew me but sadly I was just one of the guys to most of them so you could imagine my frustration.  I got married and then divorced.  All of this was just a cocktail for my growing lack of self-love.

I have been on a journey and it wasn’t until after my divorce at age 31 that I realized I didn’t need external validation.  Heck now I no longer need someone else to love me because I love myself plenty.  I am worthy of great things and so are you.  Yes you!

Sometimes a breakup can take a toll on a person’s self-worth but remember you are awesome with or without a partner because you matter.  Never forget that!  Work on yourself and learn to truly love yourself.  Once you do, you will no longer accept imitations of love especially cheap ones.  You will already know true love and that is the one you find within yourself.

Signing off
Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn

Just breathe and be happy.

I’m  sitting in the park during my lunch break just in awe with the beauty of this moment.  I see some children playing and I appreciate their laughter. I can sense their energy and it lifts me up higher than where I already am. 

The breeze on my face feels like the soft touch of a baby’s hand.  The trees stand strong as their branches wave hello to me.  They are alive just like me. Breathing… 
I smell the flowers and feel the power of their beauty connect with mine. I am fine and perfect despite imperfections that others may see.  I hear the birds chirping and the sounds of the water sprinkler as they dance among the gravel floor.

I am alive! I am me!  It sounds like a symphony. I am happy! I am blessed! Thank you universe thank you.

Signing off
Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn