Listen here ex-boyfriend

Since you are here with me once more

Leave or I’ll slap you like never before!

You were nothing but slime

A true waste of my time

If you don’t like what I just said

Please just get it through your head

That I’m a lady with class

And you can just kiss my a_ _!

Sincerely Happier Now

Have a great weekend my lovelies. Guady

I send you hugs from Brooklyn

The friend Chip

Once you start reading this poem it will bring to mind the song Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast. I hope you enjoy it.

I’m a chip, I’m a chip about to go into this dip

I’m not feeling very happy cause it probably tastes real crappy

It’s not like the one Herman did which was rather quite splendid

So Bring the onion, bring the lime

It’s been quite a long long time

Cut the garlic , the cilantro and the Roma tomatoes too

It’s a lot of work but ask Herman because he knows what to do

Pass the salt, pass the cumin and don’t forget the cayenne

If we move quickly we might be luckily done by ten

We have guacamole to do today. It’s going to be a fun day

So don’t forget the jalapeño pepper and the Haas. I pray it comes out like the one he does

So make the dip please make that dip

Thank you for reading. Love Guady G