Feed me some bread . . .

Dear Baker

You said you were a great baker and would keep me well fed. But your priority was watching the dough rise instead.

You never oiled or buttered the pan either. You just shoved it in the pan and never gently either.

Into the warm oven the pan would go. Never stopped to ask me if it caused me any woe.

When done you would shove large pieces of bread in your mouth. Never offered me any and even dropped crumbs on my blouse.

You fed your own hunger never acknowledging me. Your entire bread making process was done hastily.

I sat there hungry wanting some bread too. So today I’m glad that we are through.

Why In the world did I ever think you were such a great catch? All you turned out to be was just another punk from Match!

Next time I date another baker I’ll make sure he isn’t like you. If he ain’t greasing the pan, I’ll shut off the oven. It’s the truth.

Sincerely Me

Have a great weekend my beautiful people. Breaking bread is sharing. Don’t let others use your oven if they aren’t sharing the bread when it’s done. Shut that oven off and better yet don’t provide the yeast so the dough won’t rise. Watch how quickly changes are made. These bakers hate dealing with hard bread.

Sending hugs from Brooklyn Guady G

Mom, mommy, mother

I love you.

A mother isn’t only the person that gives you birth.

Its also the person that loves you with all they are worth.

This is why you are my mother even if I was birthed by another.

Happy Mother’s Day

This is for all those out there who don’t have children of their own but have raised, loved and helped guide someone else’s child whether it is their relative, neighbor, student, foster child etc as if they were their very own. You are a blessing and I honor you today. Thank you.

With all my love Guady G

I Love You

I just love you!

Everyday I look at you I am amazed at how resilient you are. You are a survivor and I’m glad I never abandoned you. I look into your eyes and I see your amazing beautiful soul. You have such a great capacity to love and to forgive those that have failed you, betrayed you. You are so precious and I will never stop admiring you, loving you.

Who cares if they call me egotistical or narcissistic? Baby this is self-love. I take care of me first. I am me and you are my reflection in the mirror.

With much love Guady G

Don’t ever put yourself last to fancy anyone else! Don’t float their egos while stomping on your soul. You are the most beautiful being there is. I love you and you matter.

Rest in what?

I’m so tired of resting thus I will take a rest.

I will rest in chaos because resting in peace is eternal and I want to live.

With all my love Guady G

Isn’t the English language interesting? Resting in peace is associated with the dying and the dead. Has anyone ever said Rest In Peace to a living person going to rest from a chaotic day? Hmm.