Forget Me Not

Unable to copy that stupid clock

I become more confused

My memories are a jigsaw puzzle I can’t seem to put together

One piece in hand yet it doesn’t fit the other I placed down

It’s like my thoughts wander about like my body does in the darkness of night.

I walk about and don’t know where I am when I stop.

I don’t recall where I was and worse where I’m going

My reflection shows an old wrinkled man I don’t recognize.

Could it be my father? A stranger perhaps?

I am a young boy so I don’t quite know

Can you let me know? Please. I beg of you.

I didn’t write anything down but instead I fell down

So many wrongs I shall never right because …

What was I going to say?

My thoughts are like a scrabble game

So many letters but I can’t come up with a single word

The Z is worth ten points

What was my point?

I didn’t write anything down and I don’t remember

It’s September and it’s Spring I guess

I’m in late winter and May I use the bathroom

I must tell my father to get out of the bathroom. He is there looking old and wrinkled in the mirror.

I feel alone and I can smell the scent of the Forget Me Nots

I just want to Me Not Forget

No regrets! Who are you again?

Dementia is difficult to witness as a physician but even more so when it’s your loved one. A lot of patience is required. Don’t get frustrated but breathe. The moments of lucidity even if few are all worth it. With much love and hugs from Brooklyn.

Guady G

End of life

Sad is the day when you realize that many want to welcome you into the world but very few want to hold your hand as you leave it. No one should have to die alone! As a physician I can’t begin to tell you how many hands I have held.

Some patients had no one but many had family that couldn’t be bothered. Why? It breaks my heart that the end of life can be like this for so many.

If anyone has a clue please do tell me. I have a story I will post soon about my patient.

Sending you love from Brooklyn. Guady G

You gotta go!

While on the bus I was filled with thoughts of us

I’m not sure if you are still someone I can trust

I keep thinking that leaving you is a must

But I’m not leaving because this is my house

So you gotta go you pathetic uncaring louse

Don’t even try to say it wasn’t your fault

Shut up because you were caught

Don’t come back and harass me anymore

Leave I said let me show you the door.

Hugs from Brooklyn Guady G

Would you do it different?

To age is a blessing

To age alone is not

You were kind to others and they forgot

You wonder what the F was missing but then you remember. . .

Once upon a time you were a famous movie star

Now that you are older no one knows who you are

You had so many fans but not one close friend

Now you are alone when it is almost the end

You ignored your family and your

close friends

You only wanted the limelight and the company of fake friends

You walked the red carpet and never took your mother or father

Instead you took some glamorous other

You attended luxurious events but never with those that helped you to rise

Today you are in hospice waiting for your demise

I guess the lesson here is to appreciate how you came to be

Never forgetting family, friends and sincerity

Fame, fortune and being in the limelight

Is worth nothing if you must walk sad and alone into the night.

With all my love Guady G

Mom, mommy, mother

I love you.

A mother isn’t only the person that gives you birth.

Its also the person that loves you with all they are worth.

This is why you are my mother even if I was birthed by another.

Happy Mother’s Day

This is for all those out there who don’t have children of their own but have raised, loved and helped guide someone else’s child whether it is their relative, neighbor, student, foster child etc as if they were their very own. You are a blessing and I honor you today. Thank you.

With all my love Guady G