Forget Me Not

Unable to copy that stupid clock

I become more confused

My memories are a jigsaw puzzle I can’t seem to put together

One piece in hand yet it doesn’t fit the other I placed down

It’s like my thoughts wander about like my body does in the darkness of night.

I walk about and don’t know where I am when I stop.

I don’t recall where I was and worse where I’m going

My reflection shows an old wrinkled man I don’t recognize.

Could it be my father? A stranger perhaps?

I am a young boy so I don’t quite know

Can you let me know? Please. I beg of you.

I didn’t write anything down but instead I fell down

So many wrongs I shall never right because …

What was I going to say?

My thoughts are like a scrabble game

So many letters but I can’t come up with a single word

The Z is worth ten points

What was my point?

I didn’t write anything down and I don’t remember

It’s September and it’s Spring I guess

I’m in late winter and May I use the bathroom

I must tell my father to get out of the bathroom. He is there looking old and wrinkled in the mirror.

I feel alone and I can smell the scent of the Forget Me Nots

I just want to Me Not Forget

No regrets! Who are you again?

Dementia is difficult to witness as a physician but even more so when it’s your loved one. A lot of patience is required. Don’t get frustrated but breathe. The moments of lucidity even if few are all worth it. With much love and hugs from Brooklyn.

Guady G

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