End of life

Sad is the day when you realize that many want to welcome you into the world but very few want to hold your hand as you leave it. No one should have to die alone! As a physician I can’t begin to tell you how many hands I have held.

Some patients had no one but many had family that couldn’t be bothered. Why? It breaks my heart that the end of life can be like this for so many.

If anyone has a clue please do tell me. I have a story I will post soon about my patient.

Sending you love from Brooklyn. Guady G

2 thoughts on “End of life

  1. Your experience is very true and is widespread but people kind a keep quiet about it. I spent 28 years in a healthcare setting as a Social Worker and a longer time in parish as a clergy, dealing with death and dying. Death is a scary subject for many people and uncomfortable for others. Why? the answers are many.

    For one people don’t know what to say. I told them you don’t have to say anything; it’s your caring presence that matters. On the other hand, death reminds us of our own mortality and we are not ready to face that reality. It takes compassion, and in some cases, special giftedness to do that kind of ministry; these people are on heaven’s list for great rewards.


    1. Thank you so much for your comment. It pains me that some are just holding grudges and can’t forgive their parents. You were helping people pass on in peace. That is so beautiful. By any chance are you a Pisces or Cancer sign? My birthday is 3/7. May you have a beautiful day. I appreciate you for having a beautiful soul. Social workers are the least paid but do so much. May God always bless you with love, health, peace and all your heart’s desires. I send you hugs from Brooklyn.


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