Caged Free

I thought I would finally fly out this cage

Forget the world’s rage

Perch on your friendly shoulder

But your absence was a boulder

Destroying that stage

My solitude may have blinded me to the exit before

But I see it now and choose to close the door .

I’ll remain in my cage safe and sound

I choose me and you can just stand around.

Happy Friday my lovelies. I send you hugs from Brooklyn. Always choose yourself. You matter!

Dear Avid

I miss reading your freshly written letters becoming words.

Those words that stroked me in places that others couldn’t

You sentenced me like no other.

I miss those exclamations and quotations!

What was it about you that makes me miss you till this day?

Your soft kisses? Maybe

Warm hugs? Perhaps!

The way your words would pleasure my greatest fantasy? Yes oh yes.

Our book has crinkly yellowing pages but I hold it dear. I’ll keep reading and rereading to pacify my desire for my most Avid reader.

I barely write these days for my words are muted without my beloved muse.

Wishing you a great new year. Perhaps your words find themselves into my inbox. If not I can always continue to dream.

With love Guady G

Sending much love to you and all my readers. Hugs from Brooklyn to keep you safe and warm.

Missing Prose

I miss you and your prose

Your words that easily flowed

My soul losing control

My sentence is no more

Miss your punctuation

Oh sweet exclamation!

Where did you go?

I miss you so!

Why is it that some people know how to get to your heart so well? Perhaps known from past lives? Were they soul mates that slipped away? Luck? Do you know?

With Love Guady G. I send you hugs from Brooklyn.

Grateful twist

Oh my love I hope you have fully basted the turkey or should it go back into my warm oven? Is the butter warm enough to slather on these buns?

Take hold of this wonderful banquet I have laid before you to relish.

Now that even the napkins and utensils are perfectly set, say Grace.

I hope you are famished for this will be very fulfilling.

Of course, Grace I am. Should we start with the fork and end the night with the spoon?

Happy thanksgiving everyone. Much love to all of you. Sending hugs from Brooklyn.

Sincerely Guady G