When I bought two tickets to see TO BE OR NOT TO BE a collective creation composed of 36 artists from various latin countries including the US I wasn’t sure what to expect. All these talented artists were under the guidance of the most esteemed Luis Salgado for an entire month. Talk about dedication and stamina! I knew it would be great but I wasn’t too sure how Shakespeare would get a latin flair. I must say with all honesty that I was literally moved to tears because what I witnessed was pure beauty,exalted energy and above all love.

How did I get moved to tears? I will begin by stating that various parts of it resonated with my childhood especially the part when everyone spoke English very slowly. There were various parts that made me laugh. I loved hearing Shakespeare being read with a latino accent. At times it got very loud in the room but it did not bother me for it made me want to stand up and share in the loudness. It motivated me! The music,the dancing and the acting were stellar. Everyone brought their best to the stage. The energy I felt in the room if harnessed would light up many dark streets. Of this I am sure.

To be honest initially I felt that confusion that one feels not knowing the language, being in a new surrounding with various noises–heck it was Shakespeare after all. I slowly then decided to just sit and not try to understand the words but just feel the emotions of the words and the energy of the movements. I chose to share in the happiness that I felt coming from all 36 of them. They interacted with the audience-asking questions, dancing in front of us very close and the energy just increased so much more.

It then happened. I must first inform you that turning 50 this year gifted me with the ability to see auras very clearly. I usually see an occasional beautiful one while I go about my daily routines. But now in front of me there were 36 individuals all dressed in black with no colored props or colored curtains and I was seeing colors and not your basic colors but a multitude of colors. I was seeing colors that I have never seen before in my entire life. I started to cry because it was beyond beautiful. You know how you feel when you see a cute little baby or a beautiful sunset– well multiply that feeling by 100s. When Mariana danced she left a golden-yellow color behind her. I was in awe. Simply put I chose to be and I was.

Thanks goes to all those that made it possible. God bless Luis Salgado because he just adds this magic to all he does. If you ever see his name attached to a play or just anything go see it because you will be the better after you walk out.

Signing off Guadalupe Macias MD and this is what I think.
Hugs from Brooklyn.

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