My Sister sister

Good morning World

I woke up at 5 am and with my sister on my mind.  You are probably going to wonder why I need to write about this or why I simply just don’t pick up the phone and tell only her.  Well, because I want the world to know.  She just simply is that wonderful.  She is elder to me and the second born in my family of 5.  I love them all but today I want to write about her.

Yes we picked on each other growing up.  I was very shy and quiet back then.  I did not have many friends in grammar school while she was popular.  I have always looked up to her.  She was a natural-born leader.  She would just show up and all these kids would want to do whatever she was doing whether it be talking, playing or just standing near the fence looking awesome at age 12.  She made us laugh recounting things that happened in school.  School for me was tough being that I was shy but our walks home  were something I look forwards to.

She was an anti-bully advocate stopping Rosemary– no not you Rosita, Rosita, Rosiiiiiiita from ever bullying anyone again.  She didn’t use her fists.  She used her words.  My sister was very brave even back then as a pre-teen.

She was a classy dresser even in winter.  Her long black locks were her prized possession.  A hat was unheard of and yet she barely ever got sick.  I looked like an Eskimo walking around and I was always catching a cold.  Never understood that one.

My sister was a business woman before she turned 14.  She walked not only with my two brothers and me but also with at least 5 or 6  bratty kids from the school to a daycare center 8 blocks away.  I have no idea how she managed for all of us to be safe and not get hit by a car.  By this time my eldest sister was in highschool and my mom working more hours.  She was in charge.  She was making mula and buying her own skippies. so cool! Remember those?

She also was a baby sitter for many on our block.  She practically helped raise my little brother and she wasn’t even 10 back then.  Adults trusted their babies with her because of her endless love.  When I got divorced she gave up her summer vacations and breaks to take care of my daughter so I could study while in Med School.  She has helped me with money while in college and not your 25 dollars either.  She has always been there for me be it money wise, advice wise and time wise.

But somehow now we don’t see each other that often except at the family parties.  We don’t speak unless we are criticizing each other.  I don’t know what shifted but I miss my sister and I don’t want to wait any longer to let her know.  I want everyone to know just how great she is and I could probably write a book just about her and maybe I will.  She is strong for she could carry my asleep daughter at age 6 when I couldn’t.

She is very talented.  She can perfectly build anything, interior decorate, help you declutter,  throw an absolute ravishing  themed party, dress like a runway model, drive barefoot, tie a knot on a cherry with her tongue, care for my mom like no other, and advocate for any cause she loves and holds dear.  She loves the heck out of her nieces and nephews.  She was the one that stepped in and guided my daughter as a newborn, infant toddler and even now. She paid for her swimming classes, a portion of her 18th birthday party, and part of the fund for her travels.  I can go on forever but I will stop here.

Lulee I love you and I miss you.  I want everything shifted back because I still admire you for everything you stood for as a pre-teen and for what you stand for now.  Thank you for always having my back even if we didn’t see eye to eye.  Thank for being self-less and for caring for mother the way you do.  I am a doctor but you can stomach hearing medical issues more than me.  You are a super rock star and should be celebrated by all that know you and all that have yet to meet you.  Have a pleasant day and I will see you soon.  Now I am crying because I feel so happy to finally let you know.

Signing off your Sister la Brujie

Hugs from Brooklyn

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