As plain as daylight…..


This morning I didn’t wake up at 5 am but at 6 am my cellphone rang. It was my lovely daughter calling me from Ireland. She is there studying abroad since January of this year. She called to tell me that the sunset of the night before was beautiful so she sent me this photo.  This is on the university campus of Limerick.. Take a moment to really look at it because I did and I want to share my thoughts with you. What do you feel when you really see it?

The sun this sun shining so bright is about to set. It is so beautiful and reminded me of our higher power and for me that is God.  The Sun gets appreciated mostly when it is about to set. Is it because it leaves such beautiful hues in the sky or is it because nightfall is soon upon us? Why do we fear the night? Why do we think the sun disappears when it hits nightfall? It is still there just not visible to us.  The moon rises and brings us the reflected light from the very same sun.   How wonderful is our God? We are never truly in darkness because we are never truly alone. Take notice he is everywhere.


This is the sunrise from my window this morning.  It’s a new day.  I wokeup and I can see the sun and feel its warmth. Thank you Universe. Thank you.

Signing off and this is what I think.

Guadalupe M.

Hugs from Brooklyn.

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