Wanting to love you!!

stack of love wooden blocks
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

Yesterday was such a hectic day and things were just in disarray. Then I thought of you and poof it all went away. I started to feel good and thoughts of you changed my mood. I imagined you with all your splendor speaking gently to me with so much candor. Were it possible to place your essence in a bottle, I would. Trust me, I wish I could!

I would carry it with me day and night. I would keep it safe. I would hold it tight. I would never leave it behind for it would be one of a kind. I wouldn’t lend it or sell it on a cart.

I would keep close, close to my heart!

Today is Valentine’s Day and a day to celebrate love for others and for yourself. If no one is getting you candy or flowers then buy them for yourself. If you don’t have money then draw them for yourself. You are worth it. You are loved! You are beautiful!! Namaste.

Hugs from Brooklyn
Guady G.

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