The Clog

0BDFDE1F-9F77-4CA4-A3AB-E8147880A161That’s so nasty right? Why did I just post this photo? This is what was clogging my bathroom sink.  At 1:30 am while washing my hands, I couldn’t take it anymore. The water was rising and soon it would just stay there despite me shutting off the water faucet. Who cares right? Why should I even show you what I pulled out?  It’s composed of dead skin cells, soap scum, fallen hair and who knows what else. This mess was blocking the water flow so I pulled it out.


How many times has this happened to you? Clogged drain? We are grossed out by this yet we allow the negativity in us to block us from our life flowing. Blocked life.  Why not remove it and see it for what it truly is? Gross.  Resentment, anger, jealousy, self-doubt, self-inflicted pain all keep us stuck. We are just like the water that won’t go down the drain. We convince ourselves that this our fate.

Why do we just deal with negativity? It just prevents our lives from flowing. Because of it we don’t get the good things that want to come our way. It repels the great love from coming in, the pay raise, the job, and the higher connection to ourselves.  It makes us sad, and frustrated. It leaves us to mask it with alcohol, drugs, meaningless sex or just sitting idle watching nothing in front of a TV. Why endure it?

Now is the time to examine our lives! Now is the time to let negativity go! Don’t you want your life to just flow? Don’t be afraid of your wonderful glow!  Forgive others and yourself. Love. Just love. Be grateful for your blessings and trust. Just trust. Have faith that you are not alone. The Universe is waiting for you. What will you do?

Signing off 
Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn 

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