You say I’m blind and that I’m unkind but yet you won’t take my hand and help me understand. You tell yourself that because I’m blind I cannot see but yet you won’t even at least tell me. I give my hand and say please be my guide but I can’t find you cause you went to hide.

I have no eyes and might one day fall but it is you that has a built the wall. Can I ever find you in your darkness, if I can not see? Can you turn on your light please?

I have my white cane and can navigate well. I have keen hearing and a great sense of smell. I know I am blind and can’t see at all but I can feel when I encounter a wall. I chose to break it for I pave my own way. I’m not merely going to call it a day. Pound pound I can break your wall and I’ll be here to catch you, catch you when you fall.

Signing off
Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn

I worked with the blind in high school and they guided me and helped me to really see. Are you really seeing or merely looking? Are you being the best guide or did you go hide? Are you the wall?

American Federation For The Blind defines the responsibilities of a sighted guide as follows


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