Dear beautiful Singer

I woke up this morning thinking about you. You seem so exhausted. You are so worn out.  I know it’s because you’ve worked countless years. It finally has caught up with you.

You never stopped performing your craft. You were busy at it even throughout the weary nights. You sang with pride while others lay in slumber. You were loud and although we wanted to drown you out with pillows over our heads you kept on making your sound. You loved to sing.

You never used exhaustion as an excuse to perform your duty as a singer. So today I will pay you homage. You helped not only me but countless others.

Because of you 5 of us were able to go to catholic school. It was your nonstop dedication that provided me with my prom dress and all my semi-formal dresses in college. You clothed me. You were a relentless force for you served many purposes.

You held my food but mostly my mother’s. You let us sit on your lap so often without ever complaining. We did our homework with you and you let us use your ruler— all 36 inches of it. You never faltered.

Day in and day out you were pressed and you sang. Sometimes you sang in unison but mostly you sang alone. Your song wasn’t ever appreciated for it hurt our ears and gave us headaches. You never quit working and singing. You had a mission to provide for my family and you did it well.

My sweet singer you aren’t heard that much anymore for you are too old and too rusty. Your pedals get stuck and you are dusty. Very rarely I hear you singing but now I appreciate you. I miss your sound for it was the sound of my youth. Thank you Singer thank you.


Shout out goes to my mother, señora Gladys, Comadre Isabel and all those that used the Singer machine to provide for their families. They never stopped working because they loved us so much. They hurt their backs and their knees so we wouldn’t when we got older. Their love for us was unwavering and The SINGER  kept singing it’s song.

Thank you Singer Model AS-4002

Signing off
Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn

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