Your Hand

As I hold your hand in mine, I keep wondering who had their hand in yours before me. I fear for the future because my hand might not always be in yours. I then stop my mind from so much thinking. STOP!!

Why should I dwell on the past of which I was not a part of or on the future which has yet come to fruition?

I am happy for this moment RIGHT NOW! I am grateful for this moment RIGHT NOW! YOUR HAND IS IN MINE AND MY HAND IS IN YOURS! I will cultivate this union, this bond and I will treasure this ……

I shall let the past disintegrate into oblivion, those other hands won’t matter ANY MORE! I will love you until the future is no longer a threat to this moment and to this happiness–OUR HAPPINESS!

I choose TO LIVE each moment. I choose TO LOVE each and every second until I am living the future. FOR I LOVE YOU AND I WILL NOT BE AFRAID!

How may times do we let love slip away because of our fears? It seems there aren’t that many good people out there anymore. But there are because we are! Right here! Right now! Right?

Moment as defined by American Heritage Dictionary
1.Brief interval of time
2.Specific point in time
3.Particular period of importance or excellence

One word. Four definitions. One us. Many aspects. All important. All loving and living this moment right now!! TIME!! ENDLESS!!

Signing off
Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn

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