That Man. That Stare

Who is that man standing there? Why does he look at me with such a stare? I want to ask him but do I dare?
His eyes looking at me. My eyes looking at him.  I don’t know. What could it be?

Hey man standing there keep on looking cause I don’t care!

He blinks his eyes and there’s that stare.
Once again.

But where did he come from? Was it from nowhere? Somewhere? Somehow? Now? Here or there? Does it matter?

HEY man! Who are you to look at me?
Who are you to just be? Why can’t I be like thee? What do you see when you look at me?

Not much? Too much? Am I so out of touch? Is me still the old me? Tell me, tell me so I can see. I want to go! I want to know! How is it where you come from?

OH I get it! Now I see!
I CARE! From nowhere!

I see now that I have nothing to fear! You are from Now Here!

Okay man standing there. Now I know why you me stare.
Thank you Man standing there……….

FOOD FOR THOUGHT. Nowhere is actually Now Here just as impossible is I’m possible. Can you find the positive wonderful energy amongst the negatives? If we can do it with words why not do it with our daily lives? Goodness and love are everywhere if we just open our eyes and see past what we merely are looking at. We block ourselves from so much especially from our own greatness. Choose to be happy. Choose to forgive. Choose to really live. Open your third eye!

Signing off
Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn

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