This Wonder should make you wonder!

5EFDA14E-A87F-49EC-88BC-BC5495BA7046Look at this beauty! It’s the Aurora Borealis. The sad thing is that it is speculated to lessen in brightness and occurrence due to less sunlight . I think the collective negative energy in our world is trying to win out.

Did you every stop to wonder why in recent years there has been an influx of information regarding enlightenment?  The Secret, the Power and so many other books , podcasts and videos have been made.  If you read them are you practicing them?

It is our obligation to elevate ourselves to do more than just take up space in this universe. We each have been given a gift and we must share it with the world. We need to love and be loved.  We need to forgive others and ourselves. We need to stop focusing on the negative and turn our hearts to the greatness that is being alive. We need to see the world as we did when we first opened our eyes at birth! Everything should be a wonder! All we see, hear, touch, feel and speak should be with amazement! We are alive!!!

This beautiful collection of colors is present today despite all the terrible occurrences in our universe. But how long can it hold on? Will you be the Dr. Strange of your own life and fight against the Darkness aka collective negative energy that is trying to take over our world?  Are you okay with the Aurora Borealis lessening and perhaps one day being  gone?  Perhaps it is time to be your own superhero.
In the words of the beloved Michael Jackson — make that change! It’s just you with that person in the mirror! Don’t let that be your hindrance.

In the words of the Roman poet Horace- CARPE DIEM!!

Signing off
Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn

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