You were right!

I do love myself more.

4464228A-D16B-4A59-A27B-52FD00C36A65I tried to love you but you were hardly ever in the now.  You were either living in the past being tormented or worried about the future.  You tried to change me so you could feel more at ease with the lack of yourself.  You called me stubborn, conceited and said I was full of myself.

I will never change because I love myself.  I truly love myself.  That will never change. My attributes of greatness are mine and my inadequacies are mine too.  I love them both because they are a part of me.

I tried to love you but how could I?  You don’t even like yourself.  All the love I gave you was met with so much resistance.  It bounced right back onto me.

Yes you were right!  I do love myself more and that will  never change!

Signing off
Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn

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