My Wife, My Life

Old Man Sleeping In A Bed
Lying in this very same bed, I remember her.  She looked so angelic despite having food spilled on her hospital gown.  Her apparition so lovely…. the way the sunshine hit her gray and white locks…I loved her!

I remember holding her hand ever so tight that I felt her strength pass on into me.  Marrying her was my greatest accomplishment!
Do not go my love!  Not yet!  I am not ready to let you go!  Don’t go!  But she passed on and I cried as if my very life went with hers.  How I loved her!!
I wept much. I couldn’t talk. I even lost the ability to walk.  And now that I lie in this very same bed—-I remember.

I can now see her face even more angelic. She calls my name and with all my strength I utter my last breath of life…..

At last I am with you my love and now I am happy!!

One thing that I have learned from being a doctor is that the power of love is very strong.  This is a true story told to me by my patient as he lay in a hospital bed during his dying hour.  His wife had died just 5 months prior due to ovarian cancer

They had met as children, married at age 20 and meant the world to one another. They had no children as she could not have any.  He clearly stated that he wasn’t depressed.  He just missed his wife very much.  She was his life!

At 85 he had lived a great life with her by his side.  He wasn’t afraid of living. He just wanted to be with her once again.  A very bad pneumonia took his life in the end. Or was it that he was just ready to die having lived such a fulfilled life?

Stay tuned for more stories/poems inspired by my patients.

Dr.Macias aka Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn

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