woman sleeping
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I spent countless hours in search of you. I lost sleep making me befuddled I even cried. I wasn’t going to just let anyone share my bed. Then our paths traversed.

Nightly you warm my bed during these subzero temperatures. Having you around keeps me tepid as a tea that is ready to be sipped. Having you wrapped around my shivering body ahhhhh. I get angst at having to depart from you come the break of dawn.

You are dependable. Every night you spend with me, you never falter. Your touch is gentle. The way you caress every inch of me elates me immensely. Others before you tried but they were cheap imitations. There is and will always be only one you. You are real and you are mine.

I especially love it when you press yourself against my face. I don’t care that parts of you feel fuzzy. You smell amazing too. You have been in my bed many nights and I will never tire of you. You may be older but I will never replace you for I’ve grown very attached to you. I know that come summer you have to go away  but I know I will see you again come winter.

Thank you sincerely for being my warm durable comforter.

Guady G.

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