To write or not to, right? Now that is the question!

I’m taking a break thus I haven’t written

Would love to say I’m by a lake and that I’m smitten

But simply I’m not enthused plus I’ve lost my muse.

Gather gather thoughts I tell myself

I don’t need him. My mind is full of ideas and full of wealth.

Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn

We are intelligent. We are powerful! Even if we lose our muses we can still be creative. We are writers and we are bloggers! No more bump on the loggers! Sit up straight and close your eyes. Breathe and let the ideas flow. They will come even if slow!! Namaste and thank you for reading.

7 thoughts on “To write or not to, right? Now that is the question!

      1. Thank you and I’m glad that I inspire you. I never know what I’m going to write from day to day – just that I want to write.

        I read a lot and think about what I’ve read which is where most of my inspiration comes from.

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