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When you are sick how do you feel?  What makes you go to the doctor?  Seriously it’s 10 below zero and you get up from your warm bed, bundle yourself up and go see a doctor in hopes of getting antibiotics.  But you don’t really need an antibiotic for every sneeze, cough or upset stomach.  Most of the time the very answer is in how you feel.  So how do you feel when you are sick?  Yup, you feel like crap and you are in the state of crapinez. Yes I made the word up but I’ll explain. 

C is for Vitamin C 500mg to 1000 mg  once a day for just five days helps boost your immune system. If you aren’t diabetic you can also drink orange juice.  This might be the only time I actually drink juice. I mostly just drink water.
C is also for Cinnamon which is a powerful antioxidant.  A few sprinkles mixed with a teaspoon of honey helps soothe and improve sore throats.  Take this mixture twice a day for five days.  If on coumadin or other blood thinners this might have to be avoided since it may make your blood even thinner.  Being on aspirin is okay. I love this one.

R stay home and rest.  Don’t go spreading your germs at work, school or community centers.  Use your sick day.  Pamper yourself.  Love yourself.

A is apple cider vinegar.  I use Bragg organic.  No more than 1-2 tsp a day. Another powerful antioxidant. I usually mix 1 tsp of it with 1 cup hot water.  I add a stevia packet to sweeten.  I drink this before I go to bed every night for total of three to five days.  I also use it to gargle. I take 1/2 cup of warm water and mix it with 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar. Be careful not to swallow it. I gargle every morning for 7 days max.  Actually the book titled Apple Cider Vinegar by Drs. Paul and Patricia Bragg is full of awesome information.  I highly suggest purchasing this book if you can.

P is for probiotic like lactobacillus to improve gut flow by increasing good bacteria.  This is found in Yogurt, kimchi,  and sauerkraut to name a few.  I personally don’t use  this because I am vegan and my gut is very content already.  Other doctors I work with do use this and swear it helps them.

I is for Eye because you need to focus on seeing the positive aspects of your life.  If you focus on everything wrong in your life you just attract more of it.  This is the basic message of The Secret.  All the books you will read about the Law of Attraction basically state that repressed anger, guilt, and sadness may solidify and cause illness.  Most think this is ridiculous but I have noted in my patients that there might just be some truth to this.  I have some stories which I can write about if you like.

N is for your nervous system.  Practice meditation.  It’s a known fact that anxiety makes your gastric juices become more elevated making your stomach sick. I meditate every other night to center myself.  It relaxes me and I fall asleep.
N is also for nasal irrigation.  It is important to flush out mucus and debris.  Netti pot to the rescue.  This one I just love but it can take time.  I find saline nasal spray also helps.
N is for nutrition. You must eat healthy most of the time so you can help your body fight off infections.  I love telling patients: Take care of your body and your body will take care of you.  Eat well, and drink minimally.  You may celebrate with a glass of wine or a mixed drink but don’t make the party last all day everyday.

E is for eucalyptus because it’s an anti- inflammatory, decongestant and anti-spasmodic. Yes it is in Vick’s Vapor rub along with camphor and menthol.  I love Vicks Vapor rub because it works. I actually place it by my nostrils, forehead and neck mostly every night even when I’m not sick.

is for Elderberry.  This tea is a bit tingly on the throat. I just stumbled across this in the supermarket just a few months ago when my daughter was sick. It boosts your immune system.  I now drink this tea once a week just to keep me super healthy.  You should try it.

Z is for zinc 75 mg at first sign of a cold.  It fights rhinovirus when started within 24 hrs. Take it for only a few days about three. I actually haven’t tried this but my fellow doctors have.

So stay in bed put a cool compress on your head and try these tips out first.  Leave antibiotics for when you truly need them.  Please follow these tips as advised.  I usually advice my patients to try these tips and if after 7 days they are not improved then to come back to visit me. Most patients don’t return.  The few that do return are the patients that have asthma or COPD and are still smoking.  My advice to them is to  stop smoking.

Dr. Macias
Hugs from Brooklyn.

PS: This is a repost with some adjustments.  Hey you might just save yourself a copay today.