Lune, Open Your Eyes!

Only the blind

With open minds can see

What we cannot

Happy Thursday my lovelies. Stay safe and keep well hydrated. Perhaps it is time to really see and not just look.

With all my love. Hugs from Brooklyn

Guady G

I Love You

I just love you!

Everyday I look at you I am amazed at how resilient you are. You are a survivor and I’m glad I never abandoned you. I look into your eyes and I see your amazing beautiful soul. You have such a great capacity to love and to forgive those that have failed you, betrayed you. You are so precious and I will never stop admiring you, loving you.

Who cares if they call me egotistical or narcissistic? Baby this is self-love. I take care of me first. I am me and you are my reflection in the mirror.

With much love Guady G

Don’t ever put yourself last to fancy anyone else! Don’t float their egos while stomping on your soul. You are the most beautiful being there is. I love you and you matter.

Be Not Afraid

Fear not

Be not afraid of the darkness for I am holding your hand.

Trust in me and I shall guide you back to the light.

You may think you belong to the night although you fear it but your fear was born because your higher self remembers.

You seem to have forgotten it’s your day! Live! Shine! You are the sun.

With all my love Guady G

Why is it? A thought

Why is it that we believe that someone with more followers has more knowledge? Why are we more apt to discredit someone with almost no followers? True fact is that society will listen more to an actor playing a doctor before they listen to their own Primary Care physician. Huh?

At a party we aren’t the first to get up and dance but will do so after a few people are on the dance floor. We won’t buy clothes at a thrift store but will stand in long lines to purchase the same thing because someone famous made it worth more. Why? Why do we like being part of the latest trend? Shouldn’t we set the trend instead? We should be leaders! We are vibrant intelligent human beings with wonderful ideas. What will you do today to start a trend? What will I do? Hmmm.

Just something to ponder about.

Sincerely Guady G

Thank you to my subscribers. It means so much to me that you value my content. Have a blessed day. Hugs from Brooklyn.

Dedicated to . . .

Dear ___________

You are my love

My one and only

Without you in my life

I would be so lonely

Please stay

Don’t go away

Now say the above to yourself in the mirror because you should be the most loved. Don’t lose yourself to other’s ill words and actions. Stay strong my friends. Sending you good vibes and hugs from Brooklyn.

Love Guady G