Misled Or Blind Follower?

You are powerful beyond belief!

Inch by inch, square by square, I thought I knew you well. I was happy turning page after page. Enticement increasing as I read and reread. I didnt want to miss a single line. Every adverb, every adjective I wanted to memorize. The plot was interesting. You and I the main characters with the world on our side. But something changed …….and I got lost. Did I perhaps skip a page? Was I in the wrong story altogether? Anxiously I went back page by page. I then found tattered edges of where a page once stood. It had been torn out! Or was it stolen? Thinking back perhaps it never was there. My love story would not have an ending. Turning point was gone! Frustration set in! You tore it out! You were afraid of finally having a happy ending! You chose the abyss instead of me! What you don’t know or chose to ignore is that I’m a writer! I will rewrite your character out! Heck I’ll write my own love story! I’m tired of just being an insignificant character in yours!

Keep your head up. Don’t forget I love you. Thank you for reading my blogs. I appreciate you. I send you hugs from Brooklyn.

Sincerely Guady G


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