Note to my past life lover

You can walk out of my life but you can’t walk out of my memories for they are embedded in my genetic makeup.

I know it’s you but you have no memory or else you would not have walked away.

Perhaps in the next lifetime you will remember who I truly am—-yours.


Forgotten memory or just deja vu?

You try to hypnotize me with your words
You try to compel me with your touch
You forgot but I need you to remember
I have always been
Where I always was
The love
You once gave.

Thank you for reading my blog. I sincerely appreciate it. If you enjoy reading feel free to comment, like and share. Have a fantastic weekend. 

Love always
Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn

Sixth Sense

When words fall upon deaf ears does it make them expunged?
When a mute utters but a sound did he not mean to say a word?
When you see me and you close your eyes did I truly disappear?

I know you can see me, hear me, and smell me.
I know you fear waking up all your five senses.
Be not afraid of that which you do not know!

Seize the moment! Heck seize the day!
You can touch me. It’s quite okay!

Should you savor me?
Yes you may!

Have a blessed weekend
Love Guady G

Only In The Night

Every dawn that enters I get so sad. Every night that leaves me I get so mad.

Everyday I crave for the night for I no longer fear your sight.

I miss the numbness on my thighs as you gently overtake me with your essence. Inch by inch you envelop me and let me know you are present.

You pleasure me! You levitate me!
Yes! Yes!

I can sense you in the deepest corners of my being. So endearing!

My breath becomes more rapid as you whisper in my ear. There’s no fear. You’re here!

My soul soars with yours to other realms, to other dimensions. I now live for those sessions.

Everynight to you I will succumb. It’s a dream I never want to wake from.

You are the sleep I want to always start. It was you my love who had to depart.

This earth treated you so badly. The plane, the crash and you left me so sadly, so abruptly.

Only in the night can you return to pleasure me, and to love me.

You’re no longer in flesh yet you remain so faithful and for that I shall always be grateful.

Guady G

My Senses

September 5, 1971 to November 13, 1994

Dear David Liu

I would do anything to catch another glimpse of you!

I would stay in complete silence just to have your voice beat against my tympanic membrane once again!

I long for the piloerection that only your soft touch would give.

I wish I could still enjoy the smell of that cologne you loved to wear.

David I miss you!

I want to state that although you may be gone from this world you will always be alive in my memories and in my heart.  My senses and I mean all my five senses will always long for you. Rest in peace my beloved friend.

Signing off
Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn

Just breathe and be happy.

I’m  sitting in the park during my lunch break just in awe with the beauty of this moment.  I see some children playing and I appreciate their laughter. I can sense their energy and it lifts me up higher than where I already am. 

The breeze on my face feels like the soft touch of a baby’s hand.  The trees stand strong as their branches wave hello to me.  They are alive just like me. Breathing… 
I smell the flowers and feel the power of their beauty connect with mine. I am fine and perfect despite imperfections that others may see.  I hear the birds chirping and the sounds of the water sprinkler as they dance among the gravel floor.

I am alive! I am me!  It sounds like a symphony. I am happy! I am blessed! Thank you universe thank you.

Signing off
Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn