Note to my past life lover

You can walk out of my life but you can’t walk out of my memories for they are embedded in my genetic makeup.

I know it’s you but you have no memory or else you would not have walked away.

Perhaps in the next lifetime you will remember who I truly am—-yours.


Forgotten memory or just deja vu?

You try to hypnotize me with your words
You try to compel me with your touch
You forgot but I need you to remember
I have always been
Where I always was
The love
You once gave.

Thank you for reading my blog. I sincerely appreciate it. If you enjoy reading feel free to comment, like and share. Have a fantastic weekend. 

Love always
Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn

Dear past life lover

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I saw you and sensed it had to be you.
Your look quite different but your soul still imbues.

I long for the closeness I know we’ve shared.
We just met so I know you’re scared.

You don’t remember me but I’m not done
For I long for our bodies to be meshed as one.

If I hug you I’ll never stop
If I kiss you it’ll be over the top

I know in your body our memories lie dormant
I know in your heart also lies some remnant

Of us being a pair,
Of all the love we did share.

So please don’t walk away just yet.
We aren’t strangers although we just met.

So hug me, kiss me, then take me!
I want to awaken in you our memory.

Have you ever met someone and felt like you already knew them? Have you ever kissed someone for the first time yet it felt so familiar? Their loudness doesn’t bother you and neither does their silence. You are not with them yet you feel calm because their presence is felt wherever you go. It is a grand feeling indeed.  Has this ever happened to you?

Guady G

Waiting for you.

What was it about you that set my nerve endings ablaze with only a glimpse of you? What was it about you that catapulted me to another dimension every time you whispered my name?

Was it the way you walked across the room to speak to me when it could have been anyone else?  Was it the way you laughed at all my corny jokes with your eyes fully widened?  My pupils dilated as well with every consonant and every vowel you used to form a word.   A, E, I, O, U and with you it was always Y.

Why did I find it so easy to fall in love with you?  Why did you just get me like no other could?  I never had to explain myself because you could feel my pain and my joy.  You liked me and I could feel it in the confines of my being!  It was as if you and I were lovers in a past life somehow!

Why did my heart exalt with jubilee when you laid your arm  gently over my naked shoulder?  Every touch led to every kiss that answered the only question I often asked myself.  Could I love again? Did I want to?

Feeling your warmth awakened in my soul the forgotten memory of us already knowing one another. I had just met you but my soul had never forgotten you.  It was you I had been waiting for!  Perhaps other loves had failed because I had to be single to meet you.  I’m so happy!   We did it.  We finally found our way back home to one another!

But where are you right now? What is your name? Have I already met you? It’s only a dream right now but I know you are out there. I can just feel it! Please don’t wait!  Come close and whisper in my ear!  Let me feel your warmth and your touch for you know how to awaken my soul’s memories!  Come! I am waiting for you!

Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn.