Morning Thoughts. How do you feel?

When you’re pushed by life against the wall
When you’re lost and don’t know what to do at all

All you have to do is choose to love
It’s a blessing from above.

Hugs from Brooklyn
Guady G

Happy Monday Everyone! Isn’t love grand?

Note to my past life lover

You can walk out of my life but you can’t walk out of my memories for they are embedded in my genetic makeup.

I know it’s you but you have no memory or else you would not have walked away.

Perhaps in the next lifetime you will remember who I truly am—-yours.


A Power Chat with God

As I stared at my hand, I pondered who would take hold of it.
For 20 yrs I have hoped each day was the last day my hand had to be alone.
Then one day I closed my eyes and saw the answer.

I will no longer worry.
I will clasp one hand in the other and pray.
Only God knows when my love will come.
Only God knows what’s best for my heart.

All this yearning to love and be loved will soon come to pass.
I trust in him for he knows. He always knows and I will no longer be afraid.

Guady G

I love you all for reading my blog.  It means so much that you take out time from your busy schedule to read it. Please share it if you like.  God bless you all.

Would you tell?

I’ll never apologize for saying what I feel.

It was an amount I could no longer conceal.

My heart sang its song because it was happy.

You didn’t correspond but I won’t feel crappy.

I can’t help feeling so bliss when I’m with you!

Can’t help missing you when I’m not with you!

You make me want to grow wings, take flight and soar.

Even if others keep knocking at my door

It’s only you I choose to adore.

Yes! This is quite mesmerizing!

Therefore not something worth me apologizing.

——————————————————————-Thank you for reading my blog. I leave you now with a kiss and a hug.
Guady G