Why is it? A thought

Why is it that we believe that someone with more followers has more knowledge? Why are we more apt to discredit someone with almost no followers? True fact is that society will listen more to an actor playing a doctor before they listen to their own Primary Care physician. Huh?

At a party we aren’t the first to get up and dance but will do so after a few people are on the dance floor. We won’t buy clothes at a thrift store but will stand in long lines to purchase the same thing because someone famous made it worth more. Why? Why do we like being part of the latest trend? Shouldn’t we set the trend instead? We should be leaders! We are vibrant intelligent human beings with wonderful ideas. What will you do today to start a trend? What will I do? Hmmm.

Just something to ponder about.

Sincerely Guady G

Thank you to my subscribers. It means so much to me that you value my content. Have a blessed day. Hugs from Brooklyn.

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