Because I love you. . . .

11056558_10153103890667677_4590046403733922164_nEver since you were growing in my womb I have felt a close bond with you. I never felt prepared to be your mom but God must have felt different. He sent me you.
From the moment I saw your little face I knew you were my salvation.
God knew my soul needed healing. What a feeling to hold you in my arms!
You have always been my most precious and beloved. There isn’t a thing I wouldn’t do to always see a smile upon your face. I never like to see you hurting. I’m momma bear and hear me roar to always protect you. I love you. You are blessed with compassion among many other gifts.

I cry alone and five hours later you just hug me. You tell me it’s going to be okay. When I’m at work and I’m worried about a patient case you call me. You remind me to trust my instincts and knowledge.. How is that possible? You just get me. You just know. We are close.
You are my wonderful traveling partner, my silly and sometimes messy housemate, my budding actress, my stellar student, my Netflix/Hulu companion, my twin goof-ball and most important of all my gift from God. I may be a doctor but nothing and I mean nothing in this universe makes me more proud than being called your mother. You are my daughter and I adore you!!

I miss you and I just left you at school but a few days ago. Senior year of college is going to be so magical! The best is yet to come! I’m so proud of you and all you have accomplished this far. Keep smiling!! I love you my beautiful daughter.

Your momma
Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn

I place this letter as my blog today to share with the world how much I love and appreciate my 21-year-old daughter. If you have a college age child go ahead and tell them today how much you love and appreciate them. Don’t wait till it is too late. Remember children grow up and become adults. They soon leave home and they might never return if they feel hurt and unloved by you their parents. With this I truly sign off. May your days be blessed.

My Mother’s Love

Blanca pegYesterday was my mother’s birthday and I am blessed to have her for 80 yrs thus far. As my family was gathered around the table singing happy birthday I was transported back to my younger years. I started thinking of the thousand of ways she helped me become the woman I am today. You see while many can’t stand their mothers I actually adore mine. I am not claiming it is a perfect relationship, but it is mine and it is as perfect as it can be for me.

Growing up a very timid child I didn’t quite like going to school. Being intelligent and shy were not the recipe for having best friends. I withstood bullying at the hands of my peers and was ecstatic when the clock would strike three. I would leave school and run into my  mother’s arms. It was my safety net.  In her arms I could be smart, awkward, uni-browed, and shy. It didn’t quite matter that boys thought I was ugly or girls thought I was boring. My mother always said to me that I was beautiful and that she loved me not a little but a whole lot. I have no idea how being a mother of five she could make me feel so important as if I were her only child. I see now I have always been blessed. My mother until this day has the greatest capacity to love.

Growing up there were strangers to me that moved into our home. It annoyed me that we had these other people in our house sharing our utensils but then I grew to love them too. Now I understand that she was helping these people to get back on their feet. Sometimes she charged them a few dollars but other times she just let them live with us for free.  Who does that except a person with a big heart? My mother has always been very giving of her time and mostly of her love.

During my first months post pregnancy she moved in with me to help me out. She took care of my crying baby so I could sleep and my husband go to work. She made food for my daughter which she enjoyed unlike mine which she spit up.

Scan 4

When I got divorced my daughter moved in with her so I could finish my residency. When I was studying for the medical license she went on a trip to Florida and took my daughter with her so I could study freely. I am a doctor today and she still helps me out. She cooks for me and still does my laundry for me sometimes. I am vegan and even yesterday on her own birthday she made rice pudding vegan style. My mother loves me and she loves all five us and all her grandchildren. She loves each one of us to the greatest power. She loves each of her friends this way too. I am very lucky I know I am.

I am very grateful to have a mom like I do which is why my goal in life is to love more and to be grateful even more. Perhaps it is time to love your mother. Look at what she does right and focus on that. If she does nothing right then forgive her and walk away but don’t let bitterness grow in your heart. When you become a parent then be different. Don’t pass on what was done wrong onto your children because otherwise, it just becomes like an aggressive cancer and spreads everywhere. Love her and above all love yourself. Don’t start tomorrow. Start today because tomorrow is not promised.

Hugs from Brooklyn
Grateful always.
Guady G.