Nurses: Angels on Earth


Throughout my life there has always been someone there to rescue me. I call them angels on earth. You might know them as nurses.

As a newborn it was a nurse that first cleaned me so I could face the world. As a child in grammar school it was the school nurse that took care of me until my mother came to pick me up. As a teen it was the school nurse that performed the Heimlich maneuver on me when I was choking on a lifesaver mint. Yes the irony. In my 20s it was an ER nurse that drove me to the greyhound depot, paid for my ticket, fed me and gave me 10 dollars all from her own money after I was discharged from the Monticello ER post my friend crashing the car after she fell asleep.

During medical school it was a nurse that held me and comforted me after my first patient died. I still remember Mr. Ansel Mcnealy. Also for years I felt tired and sad. So many doctors had sent me to psychiatrists stating I had stress because I was at an Ivy League school and then because I was in medical school. It was a nurse practitioner who was thorough and ordered the appropriate labs and hence diagnosed me with Hashimoto’s Thyrioditis. Thanks to her my symptoms improved after starting Synthroid.

It seems every time I was lost a nurse was sent to guide me, teach me and inspire me. During medical internship and residency nurses were the ones to teach me about IVs, blood draws, insulin drips, HIV and ventilators. They were the ones that kept me grounded, kept me sane. Most of what I know today I owe to the nurses.

Moving forward my first job was in 2003. It was frightening after not having dealt with patients for two years but once again angels surrounded me with beautiful medical assistants and nurses. I guess I have been blessed my entire life so far

After 15 years I left my first job and have come to be surrounded by certain wonderful nurses at my current job. My medical assistant is the one that calms the patients before they see me. She is the one who eases patient’s fears. She is a beacon. She signifies strength. And guess what? Her name is even Angie.

Frankly where would I be if I had not been blessed with those that helped heal me, strengthen me, guide me, and for that I shall always be grateful. Salute to all the nurses that have touched my life. Because of you I am a better person and doctor today.

Shout out to my cousin Taylor Pazmino for working as a nurse in the ICU. Stay safe.

Thank you
Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn

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