Be not afraid of the night.  If you hear strange sounds do not take fright.  That sound just means that I’m around.

I passed on when you were barely three. I tried to beat cancer desperately. My body left but my spirit did stay.  I never wanted it to go away.

I am that silence in between everyone’s talk.  I am that shadow by your side as you walk.  I am that soft sound in your ear.  If you listen closely you can hear.

I know life may not seem fair.  I know it seems that no one cares.  I never left you so don’t feel all alone.  I am right here beside you and needed you to know.

I pray for the night when you’ll be able to see me but for now be not afraid. Remember I love you and I’m so proud of the life you have made.—————————————————————————————————————
Do you believe in the beyond?  Is there such a thing as spirits dwelling among us?  Guiding us?  Is that sound just them trying to communicate with us?  Are imaginary friends perhaps our passed on relatives keeping our children company?  Things to ponder about.

Guady G

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