Write on me!


I am a paper that is quite unique.  I am the finest, the last one you’ll seek. I am a paper white as can be.  Take out your pen and write on me. Your pen is magical with its ink so strong.  Glide it carefully and don’t do it wrong.  I promise to  fold  but be gentle though.  Hold me lovingly or I might tear.  Take your time and show me you care.  Caress my page with words that are couth be the one that always writes the truth. Hold Me. Fold me. Behold me. Don’t let your written words fumble or you’ll be the one that will crumble. I am your paper white as can be so take out your pen and write on me.

Hugs from Brooklyn
Guady G.

The Hook

In and out.  In and out. I stitch with my hook in and out. Slowly and steadily.  Steady and slow. How long can I really go? Will I stop after one row or after twenty two?  Single double single double single double oops now I’m in trouble. Slip slip.  In and out. In and out. I’m about to scream and shout! Will you come here and help me please?  Only you know how to put me at ease!

Lay it horizontal. No wait perhaps vertical is better. I think soon it might resemble a sweater.  Help me! I’m confused and not amused. I can’t figure out this chain and it’s driving me insane!
Insert your hook right here and not there. Yes that’s perfect. I knew you cared. You give a darn and I can trust you with my ball of yarn.
By the way I think I like your hook. It’s grand.  It’s feels better in my hand.  Lucky you for always having it while I had to purchase mine for this crochet class.

PS I learned in class that the size of the hook really does matter.

Hugs from Brooklyn
Guady G