All Lives Matter

Not just black or white

Not just brown or yellow
All lives matter!

If we keep seeing the differences in each other we can never be unified

Natural disasters and pandemics take so many lives already. But if we keep fighting violence with more violence then we stand to end this world

We need to stop hatred and forgive. We need to pray collectively for understanding and for peace.

Yes some people are cruel and yes some people are racist. Emphasis on some! Not all blacks and Hispanics are in gangs and uneducated. Not all Arabic people are uni-bombers. Not all white people are racist.

True some people in authority abuse their power but taking the anger out on innocent people doesn’t make the situation better.

Why is it that people can harm their own kind everyday and no one blinks an eye? Yet for some reason when the same crime is committed against a person of a different color then a protests forms. Crime is crime.

Violence needs to stop now before this world ends. No nuclear bomb will be needed because the collective toxicity and negatively of this world will do just as much harm if not more.

Being an empath my heart is broken to see and hear of what is happening in our world. All lives matter! Not just yours and not just mine. All lives! Everyone’s.

What do you think? Feel free to comment.

Hugs from Brooklyn
Guady G

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