He was a Romance Scammer

I signed up for Smule
I thought it was cool

A guy started writing
His words seemed inviting

He slowly lured me into giving him my name and other information. He was handsome and a doctor so I did without hesitation.

After chatting for a few weeks some things didn’t make sense. I couldn’t find him anywhere on the internet or perhaps I was just dense.

I would ask him questions about where he was at. He would avoid the questions and just write some chit chat

I finally decided to ask him for a photo which he did send. There was just something off, something I didn’t comprehend.

If he had the choice to work only 9 months why did he sign a 3 year contract? I personally would not have done that.

He said he missed home and his family. I wondered if all this would become a calamity.

Was he lying? Was he conspiring?

Well I’ve decided to block him and delete WhatsApp too. I want love but not to be nobody’s fool.

I firmly believe he was just a romance scammer. A handsome one with poor English Grammer

Stay safe my friends. With social isolation people have taken more to online scamming. Luckily I figured it out soon. Stay real to yourself no matter what. Research research. You are beautiful and special and one day the right person will come along. Don’t despair. I love you. If you have someone already hold them close.

Sincerely Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn

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