Lost in Thoughts

Sitting on this moving train with many ideas brewing in my brain.

My jeans feeling tight after so much eating last night.

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and I’m not feeling so right. So many ideas yet I’ve got nothing to write.

People coming in and others going out. Everyone looks so sad. I know what that’s about.I feel exhausted and just tired of this pandemic too. I wish there was a magical spell that I could just do.

As a physician I have to continue to just work. I wish at least it would come with some perk.

It pains me to see the havoc that this virus does cause. So many businesses have closed due to the world being on pause.

It is time for this virus to just leave. We need time to heal and we need time to grieve.

Stay safe my darlings. I send you hugs from Brooklyn. If you have time check out my You tube channel. This video is about Covid 19. Let me know what you think. I appreciate all of you.

Love Guady G

3 thoughts on “Lost in Thoughts

    1. Your family is blessed. During these difficult times we must stick together. I am happy he is doing well. I believe with love we all heal. With your love he healed quickly. You are an amazing woman. Many blessings. Happy holidays.


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