Feed me some bread . . .

Dear Baker

You said you were a great baker and would keep me well fed. But your priority was watching the dough rise instead.

You never oiled or buttered the pan either. You just shoved it in the pan and never gently either.

Into the warm oven the pan would go. Never stopped to ask me if it caused me any woe.

When done you would shove large pieces of bread in your mouth. Never offered me any and even dropped crumbs on my blouse.

You fed your own hunger never acknowledging me. Your entire bread making process was done hastily.

I sat there hungry wanting some bread too. So today I’m glad that we are through.

Why In the world did I ever think you were such a great catch? All you turned out to be was just another punk from Match!

Next time I date another baker I’ll make sure he isn’t like you. If he ain’t greasing the pan, I’ll shut off the oven. It’s the truth.

Sincerely Me

Have a great weekend my beautiful people. Breaking bread is sharing. Don’t let others use your oven if they aren’t sharing the bread when it’s done. Shut that oven off and better yet don’t provide the yeast so the dough won’t rise. Watch how quickly changes are made. These bakers hate dealing with hard bread.

Sending hugs from Brooklyn Guady G

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