The Truth

Look at me! I’ll show you who you truly are. I’m sorry if at times you don’t like who is staring back at you.

I can’t hide you from you. You are beautiful to me despite your imperfections. So please don’t use me to hurt yourself. Love yourself as I love you.

I’m just the regular kind
Not the fun house find
No distortion here
Just you and me
So go ahead and smile
And love
Just like that

The Mirror

I decided to post two today since I did not post on Tuesday. I said everyday so here it is. I hope you enjoy.

Hugs from Brooklyn
Guady G

2 thoughts on “The Truth

  1. I loved this post.
    Thank you so much for making this post about the perspective of the mirror. I never really thought about it in this way until i read this.
    It really opened up my mind and made me think about all the things I have accomplished rather than feeling like a failure because of all the things i have not been able to do.
    It helped me look at myself in a different way and actually love myself.
    Thank you very much!

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