Are you curious? Read on.

Hey fellow bloggers I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate each and every one of you that has taken time to read my blogs. I started writing around two years ago. Sometimes I write great content and other times it’s just okay. Some of my friends ask me why I write if only a few people are going to read it.I write because for me it is my outlet. Ever since I had to write an assignment in the second grade I learned that I could pour my feelings, my fantasies, and my dreams onto a piece of paper. It was a sense of relief to write. The paper was my friend. It never turned me away. Why do you write?

As a child I was a victim of class jokes and bullying. My mother’s arms were my haven and my marble notebook my bff. While in grammar school I wasn’t that kid running around the yard playing with friends. I was the one sitting by the tree playing with sticks, ants, ladybugs and caterpillars. I found comfort near the tree. I loved the tree. Sadly my classmates called me the bug girl. Bug girl used to cry a lot and I can write books on the matter but not today. P.S. I still love trees.

As a child I never made the connection that the tree was actually the paper’s past. My post tomorrow will be a poem dedicated to that very tree. Hope you enjoy it.

In the midst of this pandemic I want to think happy thoughts. Being an essential worker and riding the subways of nyc is frightening enough. How do I maintain distance?

If you are wondering my pic is from Feb 2020 before the pandemic. I’ve put on some weight since and have dark circles around my eyes now but I still love me. P.S. I love you too.

Well thank you again for reading and have a blessed day. We are connected with our shared words and posts. Have a great weekend.

Hugs from Brooklyn Guady G

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