Why? Why did you have to go?

How come I can’t forget you as much as I try

All I want to do is lay down and cry. Why couldn’t you find the courage to stay?

You turned your back on me and you walked away.

I remember our last good bye
Now all I can do is let out sighs
I wanted to hold on and never let you go
But I knew I was losing my hero

I’m still baffled, I still don’t comprehend
If we loved each other, why did it have to end?
Our love was real and years later still strong
Why are we not together? Why is it still so wrong?

Yes you are a Muslim and I’m Catholic
Us not being together is what makes me sick.
Perhaps God, Allah or the Greater He
Will bring you back, back to me!

I love you yesterday, today and tomorrow
Not being with you brings me such sorrow.

I wrote this back in 2000 and we kept in touch for 17 yrs. I always had the hope that he would return to me but he didn’t. Some loves are just that intense. My heart will always have a soft spot for him.

Well life is full of surprises. Some grand and some just suck. I sometimes wonder why he came into my life if only to leave later. Despite it all I am grateful for he taught me to love again after my divorce. I will always hold him in high regards for that.

Thank you for reading. Hugs from Brooklyn Guady G

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