Come rescue me. Please.

What the heck is it about you that makes my body sway with just one word?

Your voice keeps resonating on my tympanic membrane sending messages to my brain

I want you here again uttering words that made me grasp bedsheets like I was insane

I need you and I want you

I’m traversing this desert of life and I long for you My Oasis
Come with your waters and moisten my lips.

I’m so parched that just a dew of you will enliven me.
Come quench this thirst of mine. Come now!

I’ve been waiting years for just a taste
Don’t make this waiting be a waste

My body sways to memories of your voice
I try to fight it but I have no choice

I’m under your spell or I’ve gone manic
Come, come, come take away this panic.

With passion
©️Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn

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