You need to leave…..

You! You need to leave
You with your tricks up your sleeve

You start off as a regular cold
You harm both the young and the old

You cause inflammation in our lungs
Leaving only memories of songs unsung

You place our bodies in such turmoil
You make my blood just boil

You need to leave! You need to go!
You have caused us so much woe!

Whether natural or man made
You have killed more than a brigade.

You may have a crown but you won’t rule me
Your RNA genome is not the key

My immune system will save the day
You will wish you never came my way

As a physician what do I tell my patients?There may be no cure but you can make your body stronger by eating healthy, not smoking, not drinking and having a clear mind. No negativity in your life. Love just love and forgive those that have hurt you. Seek medical attention in time. Yes many have died but also many have survived. If we only focus on the bad side of an equation we stay there. Be positive you are healthy! Even if you have illnesses you can heal. Take care of your body. Sleep well. Say no to recreational drugs and say yes to love. Stay strong! I love you! I send you hugs from Brooklyn. Have a beautiful Day! May those that have passed on Rest In Peace. May those that lost them be healed with love. People may leave their bodies but their spirits live on in our hearts.

Guady G
Hugs from Brooklyn

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