Strange ain’t it?

Do you get it? Sometimes as writers we pour our hearts and soul into our writing and get no likes. Then other times we just write for the heck of it and everyone loves it. Does it make you wonder? Do you ponder about it?

We check stats and there are readers everyday of our material. So the question remains. Do we write because we are passionate about it or simply to be liked? Do we have a message we want to convey? Is it a popularity contest? Who are we competing against? Hmm just more questions. Anyone have any answers? Why do you write? I’m interested.

I write because when I was 9 years old I discovered that I could put my feelings in a poem. It was cathartic. I loved rhyming and it was fun too. How old were you?

Hugs from Brooklyn
Guady G

Pen, pen, pen, Oh, pen!

Dear beloved Pen

I am a paper yellowed and forgotten, for on me you have chosen to write nothin.

How I miss your point gliding upon me so! Now you keep away. Oh so much woe!

Remember when we met. Yes! Yes!

You were leaky, abandoned and forgotten. I liked you and invited you to write on me somethin.

I didn’t care about your barrel size or your clicker being old. I still let you write on me the stories you never had told.

Why did you stop letting your ink just flow? Come back! I miss you so!

Guady G

Have a beautiful day! May your pens not get leaky. May the holder not be sneaky. We are beautiful paper to be handled with love and care. May fools not come on us and cause tears.

Pen is my vehicle

person uses pen on book
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Pencil pencil pencil pen pen pen
All on my desk in my cold dark den
Pencil pen pencil pen pencil pen
What to write with with?
What to write to cover this white?
Which one will win this fight?

Paper paper paper
Shaper scraper and caper
Shall I utilize this pencil with its lead so gentle? Or the pen?
The Pen is better. It’s ink wetter.
Smoothly gliding down my paper reminiscing its last caper.
Shall I proceed divulging or gulp it down?
Must document it or else I’ll drown!

Click click click
Barrel cap nip pen tip
I prefer the pen.
The pen is long and its ink strong.
Now this page won’t be white for long!

If ever one has been blocked from writing whether it be for school or work it is best just  let go. Surrender yourself to tranquility.  One just never knows what may come from it. Just sit, breathe and go. Don’t think about the topic, just write, just flow and within it your topic shall me.

Hugs from Brooklyn
Guady G