You Left And I Write

You left not right! I’m left to write. Please right your wrong! Don’t want to write of your rites!

I was wronged so I am right. I was left so I am right. You left not right. I have the right to write.

Guady G

The Pen is alive! I heard it say………

Fountain Pen: Let my words glide down that rough texture of yours. Let them smoooooth you! Let them groove all over you!

Rough Paper: Oh, Parker I’m so thirsty for your wet pen. Come on glide yourself on me! Tantalize me with your words but don’t let any of them be uncouth. Empower me with your barrel and nib. Go ahead write on me!

Fountain Pen: Oh I’m dripping my ink so ready to imprint my point on you right now. I’m going to write and write on you like no one has written before. Maybe I might even etch on you! Get ready!

Rough Paper: I’ve been waiting my entire length for this moment! Come smoooooth me real good. Write on me! Etch on me! Go ahead press that point of yours real hard that you tear me in places. I’m an old paper and my surface is rough. It’s so rough that I’m stable and tough! Oh yes!

Fountain Pen: Oh, Paper, Pape, Pape!

Rough Paper: Yes Pen, Pen , oh PEN!

Don’t think of a pen as a mere instrument for it speaks. Let its words be heard as it writes on your paper! Creativity! You are the creator! Have a wonderful day.

Shout out to Bryan Lunsford my latest follower. You are strong thus your life will be long.

Twisted Thoughts you inspire me to be more spicy with my writing. Thank you.

Guady G

Hugs from Brooklyn

No ink?

I am a paper that has seen its share of stories being written.  Some ended shortly, some ended happy, and some sadly.  But the worst kind of story ever written is the one that never was written.  As a paper I wonder if the pen perhaps had no more ink left to write.

I am a paper white as can be. Is your pen able to write on me?

Namaste my pretty people. Thank you so much for reading my blog. I once was asked why I write. I write because I love writing and because it connects me with beautiful people in this world. We all have voices that need to be heard. We all have messages for this world that seems to be falling apart day by day. Our writing can help motivate, and cultivate a brighter tomorrow. Keep writing.

Hugs from Brooklyn
Love always
Guady G.

Pen is my vehicle

person uses pen on book
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Pencil pencil pencil pen pen pen
All on my desk in my cold dark den
Pencil pen pencil pen pencil pen
What to write with with?
What to write to cover this white?
Which one will win this fight?

Paper paper paper
Shaper scraper and caper
Shall I utilize this pencil with its lead so gentle? Or the pen?
The Pen is better. It’s ink wetter.
Smoothly gliding down my paper reminiscing its last caper.
Shall I proceed divulging or gulp it down?
Must document it or else I’ll drown!

Click click click
Barrel cap nip pen tip
I prefer the pen.
The pen is long and its ink strong.
Now this page won’t be white for long!

If ever one has been blocked from writing whether it be for school or work it is best just  let go. Surrender yourself to tranquility.  One just never knows what may come from it. Just sit, breathe and go. Don’t think about the topic, just write, just flow and within it your topic shall me.

Hugs from Brooklyn
Guady G