You can still. . .

When someone blows you at the knees to prevent you from standing show them you can still crawl.

When they saw off your extremities to prevent you from moving show them you can still slither using your chin to propel you forwards. Keep moving!

If they remove your tongue to stop you from speaking your truths, know that you can still think your own thoughts. Keep thinking!

Even if they tell others to stop speaking your name, to forget you ever existed they will not succeed. You are unforgettable baby!

You are an amazing human being and they and they can all go . . . ..

Never let anyone dim your light! Keep shining brightly. Keep moving! The future is yours. Plan for it.

With all my love
Guady G

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Feeling So Lost

Staring out the window feeling so lost

Feeling insignificant and quite distraught

Every effort I put forth is just so futile

Why is my life always so brutal?

It’s a kaleidoscope of fears and frustrations

Perhaps I’ll try meditation

But the darkness calls out to me by name

I only have myself to blame

As you probably realized I’m depressed right now

But I will beat this! I will somehow!

I want to live my life happily.

I want to love all that is me.

I love you guys. Hugs from Brooklyn
Guady G

Call someone you know today. We all could benefit from some cheer. As the Swedish proverb states sorrow shared is half the sorrow but happiness shared is doubled.

Love you all. Muah.


A nickel
A dime
A silly rhyme

But how much worth do you think you have?

A dollar to a holler?

You are great!
You the best!
Better than me?

No nickel
No dime
I rather not waste my time.

You are worth alot but you have a pricetag. I am worth so much more for I am priceless. My soul will never be sold as yours went to the highest bidder.

I chose to let you be but go far away from me.

Good morning my fellow bloggers/readers. Thank you for liking my posts. Today I touch on the subject of bullying and harassment. They still exist just more subtle when we are older. Say no to being mistreated. Know your rights. Know your worth.

Sending you much love from Brooklyn.

Guady G