Troy speaks out!


Dear Gym member

Who you calling a dummy? Oh hell to the no! That’s right I heard what you said to your friends. I am made of concrete or cast iron so I’m super strong. Don’t forget that!

You the weakling cause you need me to get strong. If you shake me I don’t make a sound but yet you say I’m a bell. I think you are the big dummy here.

P.S. Be careful what you call me or I might just fall on your foot.

Weight Training Dept.


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I’m no longer hiding
I’m going to be me
Your acceptance doesn’t matter
Cause now I’m free
Closed door no more
Loving me at my core

Good day my beautiful people.  Always be who you are meant be!  Work where you feel most happy.  Date those that make you shine.  Keep company of those that lift you up.  It’s time to let all negativity go. But first look in the mirror and learn to love yourself.  It always starts with you.  Do you agree or disagree? 

Guady G.